Saturday, May 07, 2005

First Taste of Vietnamese Food - Bun Thang

Bun Thang, also called Hanoi Chicken Soup or "Ladder" soft noodle soup, is a kind of rice vermicelli dish. Bun Thang includes lean pork paste, thin fried egg, salted shredded shrimp, chicken, onion, shrimps paste, and a little Belostomatid essence. Especially, Bun Thang bouillon, soup made from not less than 20 ingredients, and shrimps and meat must be very sweet and pure. The best place to taste Bun Thang is in Hanoi, and I was glad that we 'accidentally' tasted it on the first night we reached Hanoi.

Here seen the Vietnamese girl prepared Bun Thang for us. We tasted Bun Thang at 49 Duong Thanh street, which is opposite Hang Da market. The place is popular with local Vietnamese too. A bowl of Bun Thang costs us VND 13,000.


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