Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hanoi NoiBai Airport

We finally reached Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport after 3 hours of flying. NoiBai airport is a small airport. But to my surprise, immigration and custom clearance is a fast, albeit long queue. And they did open up more counters when the queue got longer. Moreover, the immigration officers were very helpful. I tried to ask how to get to Old Quarter, but they simply didn't understand what's Old Quarter. Worse still, I couldn't read Hoan Kiem Lake properly. After showing them the map, they're so helpful to write me the Vietnamese of Hoan Kiem Lake, and told me that I can get there by taking bus no. 7 from outside of airport and then transfer to bus no. 9. They were simply so friendly and helpful. But we didn't go to Old Quarter by public bus, we went by mini bus instead.

I exchanged some money in the airport money changer. The rate here was not so good compared to the rate I exchanged later in a bank in Hanoi. Anyway, we had a hard time trying to find money changer in Hanoi. So exchanged money in airport was the most convenient way to me.

Noi Boi Airport Terminal taken on the last day of the trip. Ground level is Arrival Hall, you will see a lot of van and minibuses waiting. If none, a little walk to the carpark will see plenty of them.


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