Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tiger Airways Check-In and Boarding

Checked in Tiger Airways was fast and easy. Just providing the reservation number and it's all done. We were issued with boarding pass straight away. There was no seat number as Tiger Airways has 'free seating' policy, meaning you can choose wherever you want to sit, provided it's not yet taken. One minor negative point is that checked baggage and luggage allowance of only 15 kg, and additional 1 piece of unchecked or hand baggage plus a hand bag or laptop not exceeding 7 kg, 58cm x 38cm x 23cm in dimensions. Adeline needed to checked in her luggage as it's exceeded 7 kg. If exceeding 15 kg, prepares some money for excess baggage charge. Beside, officially it's not outside food and drink allowed, but they never enforced the rule.

Tiger Airways uses AirBus A320 aircraft. I found the leg room was quite comfortable. The rows of seat the lead to emergency doors have more leg room, and if you're seated by the emergency door you'll be asked to help operate the door in case of emergency. We initially sat on the row preceding the emergency doors. Guess what? The seat cannot be reclined. Luckily the flight was only about 70% full, and we moved to the rear of the plane that mostly vacant. If not it would be a very uncomfortable 3-hours flight.

During checking-in, we met with Danish who study Socialogy in National University of Singapore (NUS). He is a very interesting guy, and did a lot of preparation, including booked the hotel, where to get the best food and even learnt some Vietnamese.

Tiger Airways Airbus A320 that fly us to Hanoi Vietnam

Interior of Airbus A320 with pretty Tiger Airways stewardesses


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