Saturday, April 23, 2005

Temporary Travel Plan

We have set up a temporary itinerary:

Day 1: Fly to Hanoi, night train to Sapa
Day 2: Visit Sapa, night train to Hanoi
Day 3: Visit Hanoi, or may be Perfume Pagoda
Day 4: Ha Long Bay
Day 5: Ha Long Bay
Day 6: Visit Hanoi, and fly back to Singapore

The trip shall be from 7th May to 12nd May 2005

Some Arguments

Adeline said she wants to stay in single room herself. This leave me in the cool, and the possibility of spending more for the room. I just feel that she and me do have a gap there, we always like to quarrel. May be she has some great idea, which I don't want to follow. Or may be she just plain doesn't trust me. Anyway, will try to convince her to save some money.