Saturday, May 07, 2005

Thanh Vinh Tourist Hotel

We were introduced to Thanh Vinh Tourist Hotel when the hotel that we initially went to was fully booked. It's located at 10A1 Yen Thai of Hoan Kiem district in Hanoi, inside small alley which accessible from Hang Manh street or opposite the Hang Da market. Actually I didn't know the name of the hotel until I looked at the name card of the hotel, as the sign board only prominently displayed Sinh Cafe and Open Tour.

So is it a fake Sinh Cafe? I was not sure. I can only sure that they're not the 'real' Sinh Cafe. But it seemed like they're sort of reseller or tour agency for the Open Tour tour operator. Anyway I felt uneasy in a hotel that displayed other's logo and name more prominently than its own. But since it's already quite late, we decided to stay there instead of finding other hotels, which most likely most will displayed Sinh Cafe or Open Tour anyway.

The accommodation in Thanh Vinh Tourist Hotel was cheap. We paid USD $7 for a room with air-conditioning and attached bath room with hot shower, although the water pressure was low at times. The basic room with just fan and no windows goes for USD $5 and with windows goes for USD $6. The room was quite small, and the even smaller and narrower was the staircase. May be it's just the feature of the old houses in the Old Quarter.

The room was quite small, but comfortable nonetheless.

A very narrow and steep staircase inside the Hotel, we stayed at the 3rd (also top) floor.

Contact Details:
Address: 10A1 Yen Thai Hanoi Viet Nam
Tel: +84 (4) 8286926
Mobile: 0904 245010

By the way, the alley that makes up by Yen Thai and Tam Thuong (which accessible from Hang Bong street) has a lot of cheap accomodation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We tried 2 different hotels in Old Quarter - Ma May St and price ranges from US$15(twin sharing) to US$18(4 of us in there!). However the most memorable must be the Thianh Xuan hotel in Hoi Ann. It is very luxurious for a price of US$12(for 3 of us) and possibly the finest bathroom you can find in town!
(Northern Vietnam Oct-Nov'05)

11/21/2005 01:43:00 PM  

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