Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sleep ON Halong Bay

After dropped off some passengers in Cat Ba Island, the Bien Mo Junk continued to sail to a relatively quiet and enclosed place in Halong Bay. The junk was anchored here, with the accompany of only another 2 junks.

It's evening, but we were unable to view any sunset, for obvious reason. It's just too cloudy.

The view of other junks at night, blanketed by darkness. After we went back to the our cabin. The crew of the junk shut down the electricity power generator of the junk, to save some fuel I guess. The 5 Malaysian guys made some arguments with them, then they switched on the electricity again. But just for a while, after midnight, they off electricity again. So it's really a 'low cost' junk. Luckily it's quite cool at night.


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