Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tiger Airways

Surfed to Tiger Airways website and noticed that they offer $19.98 to Hanoi one way. Awesome and wonderful. It's cheap. Just a week ago, it gave me the price of $69.98 one way! Anyway, Tiger Airways did have promotion last month to all their destination at $9.98 one way, but too bad it's only applicable for travelling between July and October 2005.

Luckily Adeline had reached Zurich. If she was still on the plane then don't know whether can reach her or not. And she could decide on the date of travel already, finally. So I called Tiger Airways call centre to reserve the ticket. The advantage is Tiger Airways provides 2 days allowance for payment for booking thru call centre. The booking process was a bliss, and pleasant. As usual as expected, had to listen to machine's music for quite a while, but the music was nice!


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