Thursday, April 07, 2005

Destination Vietnam

Em...... why Vietnam? I also not sure. Initially I was thinking of going to Tibet. Huei Wen promised to go with me, but she has pregnant [Congratulation! :)]. Besides, due to time and money constraint, I guess it's better for me to look for cheaper destination too, if wanna go travel at all.

Adeline will join me on this trip to Vietnam. Initially to my surprise, she called me to say wanna travel together to Tibet. Since Huei Wen unable to make it, the plan has been shelved. We started to look for alternative destination, which comes down to either Cambodia, or Vietnam or both. Finally we chose Hanoi of Vietnam, partly due to Adeline couldn't take longer leave, partly also because may be I am a bit temple-out after the trip to Egypt, so I am not quite eager to go to Cambodia.

I also not keen to go Ho Chi Minh City. My colleague just backed from there, said nothing much there. Besides, I am attracted to Halong Bay too, (ya, I love nature). Hope that it won't disappoint me.


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