Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ho Chi Minh's Stilted House

In 1958, Ho Chi Minh moved into this simple stilted house near a carp pond, after refusing to stay in Presidential Palace. Ho Chi Minh stayed here until his death at 1969.

A corner of the Ho Chi Minh stilted house. The house was built near the Presidential Palace so that he would feel more with the people.

A peek into Ho Chi Minh stilted house. You won't be able to go in, everything is covered by glass.

The house that stores car used by Ho Chi Minh. There are several other exhibitions that, together with the stilted house, directly link from Ho Chi Minh mausoleum via Presidential Palace. There is clear signs along the way, if not just follows the crowd.

The carp pond beside Ho Chi Minh stilted house. Uncle Ho Chi Minh used to summon the fish for feeding by clapping his hands.


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