Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hang Ta Phin Cave

At the far end corner of Ta Phin village is Hang Ta Phin or Ta Phin Cave. As usual, with the commercialism of tourism, expect Red Dao women waiting there to promote you and plea you to buy their merchandises. Beside, the Dao children also surrounded us to rent us the torch light. The problem was there were a few of them persuaded you to rent from them, so Adeline did have a hard time figure which one to rent. The torch normally cost VND 2,000.

Note: The Red Dao is easily identifiable by the large red headdresses worn by many of the women.

Hang Ta Phin is just a small and unimpressive cave, and it's completely dark inside. Bring a torch, else make sure the torch light is bright when renting one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ta Phin Cave is supposedly a full length cave / passageway system that can take +1hr to get all the way through (on advice from local children) and brings you out higher up the 'hill'. However, due to the tightness of some of the passages most westerners are advised not to try this because some of the 'squeezes' are very tight and we're too fat!!!, and also due to the question of reliability of the local 'child guides' and flame torches.... I went in the passages for about 15mins. Installed electric lights are often turned off but local entrepreneurial children hire out flaming torches.

2/21/2007 12:37:00 AM  
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